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Pet Memorial Products
We have scoured the globe to find a unique assortment of high quality products to help you always keep your companion near you, including:

  • Urns: Metal, Wooden, Ceramic, etc.             (ask about engravings)
  • Picture Frames, Paintings & Paw Print Molds
  • Jewelry: Necklaces, Charms, Bracelets, etc.
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When that day comes-

All of us at Rocky Mountain Pet Cremation are committed to providing you with the comfort you need as you honor the memory of your beloved pet. Providing the finest services of pet cremation in Colorado, our mission is to help you always keep them near you. We are committed to fulfilling that mission by offering services that go beyond merely providing animal urns and pet cremation services. At Rocky Mountain Pet Cremation, our only focus is to provide you with a peaceful experience.

We are a family run business and pets are a big part of that family. Our family has unfortunately experienced the loss of multiple pet family members and will never forget the feelings, thoughts and emotions that accompany such a loss. Although we cannot fully empathize with your specific loss, we recall the pain we experienced with the death of our pet family members every time we help you honor your companion. As a result, providing services and products that bring you peace and closure is our passion.

Customer Guarantee: We understand that preserving the memory of a loved one should be your sole focus. The expenses associated with the death of your beloved pet are often unplanned and you should not be distracted by the burden caused by overpriced memorial services and products. As such, we at Rocky Mountain Pet Cremation will provide you with the most affordable and highest quality pet cremation and memorial products, guaranteed so that you can focus on what matters most.

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