Our Mission:

"Providing peaceful closure to grieving pet owners by 
offering consistent professional care and the highest quality 
products and services at the most affordable prices"

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Private Pet Cremation Service: Ashes returned to owner
  • FREE pickup and delivery*
  • Low price guarantee*
  • Accept credit & debit cards, checks or cash
  • Your pet's cremains returned! Stainless steel tracking disc stays with your Pet throughout the entire process!
  • Birch Animal Urn Made in Colorado
  • Large assortment of specialty urns, jewelry, picture frames, paw molds and more. (see our Memorial Products tab for more details)
  • Certificate of cremation provided
  • Cremation viewing or facility tour available (and encouraged) upon request*
  • Grieving room available for reservation*

Communal Cremation: We spread your pet's ashes. This is a group cremation. 
  • FREE pick-up*
  • Low price guarantee *
  • Accept credit & debit cards, checks or cash
  • Ashes are respectfully spread in Colorado mountains
  • Cremation viewing or facility tour available upon request*
  • Grieving room available for reservation*

  • In-home pet euthanasia performed by Veterinarian
  • Pet loss grievance counseling referral

*Ask for details (additional fees may apply, e.g., pick-up of pet outside of greater Denver area)

Products: (see Pet Memorial Products tab for pricing and details)

Call (303) 227-7702 for more details!​

Please meet our caring Colorado PET CREMATION staff:

Jody Alldredge: Chief Operating Officer
Jody began his career as an entrepreneur after finishing college at Brigham Young University. He started, developed and managed three different companies in the restaurant industry. He sold his last company after being recruited to work for Frito Lay, Del Monte Foods, and later Truitt Bros. Jody most recently joined teams with his son, Isaac to provide affordable high quality Pet Cremation in Denver. Jody has always reserved a special place in his heart for his pets. Over his life, he has counted as beloved family members, numerous cats and many dogs, including, two Newfoundlands, two Great Danes, two Labs and one Beagle. He truly loves all pets.

Story: A hug from Sadie.
Several years ago, Jody was given some tragic news. He was very discouraged and heavy hearted when he came home that day. His best friend, a Great Dane, Sadie seemed to sense the weight he was carrying. She stood on her hind legs, gracefully and softly placed each fore paw on his shoulders and stared him in the eyes with a look of understanding. After several minutes of silent communication, Sadie showered Jody's face with kisses. Sadie will forever hold a sacred place in Jody's heart.


Facility & Equipment:


We are located in Henderson, CO; however, We serve the entire Greater Denver area!

Our front foyer includes physical displays of our pet memorial products, a receptionist desk, a sitting lounge and 
peaceful music. Off of our foyer area we have our grieving room and restrooms. Our front room has recently been 
remodeled with the purpose of creating a peaceful environment for our clients.

The warehouse portion of our facility is where we perform the cremation services for your beloved pets. Although 
the warehouse is a place of work, it is most importantly the place where we provide our most professional, 
respectful and meticulous care in working with your loved pet family members' cremains. As such, this is a 
place of reverence.


Our cremation ovens are manufactured by Matthews (www.matthewscremation.com). In order to fulfill our mission 
to be the highest quality products and pet cremation in Denver, we use industry-recognized top cremation
ovens by Matthews. We currently have two large cremation ovens with a third soon to be added. We run our
cremation ovens at half capacity and perform maintenance to ensure uninterrupted quality service to our clients.

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Animal Urns and More from Rocky Mountain Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation Staff: Colorado Pet Cremation
Isaac Alldredge: Chief Executive Officer
After graduating from his father’s Alma Mater, Isaac’s career has included various roles, including investment banker, hedge fund equity research analyst and business management consultant in healthcare. Isaac teamed up with Jody to fulfill a dream of combining their unique skills and experiences to meet a perceived need for professional and affordable Pet Cremation in Denver. Isaac's pets are part of his growing family. Being a family business, Jody's beloved pets, past and present and part of Isaac's family too. Isaac and Jody get asked how they can bear providing this service given their love for animals. Their answer, as follows, is simple. 

"We feel sincere empathy for the loss of a loved pet but gain great satisfaction and fulfillment from helping a fellow pet lover find peace and closure as they say good-bye to their loved one"